Presenting my Feb 2018 Journal, with love

Hello lovelies! I hope the month of love is going well for you. Happy Valentines Day….? 😛 Well for me, it’s been one of the busiest months cause of the wedding season. But now that I am home and ready to take on the world ( 😉 ), I thought I should start by sharing my Feb journal pages with you all.  This time I managed to add a tad bit of color (brave indeed for the chromophobic me). Here, check it out.


February 2018 bullet journal

February 2018 bullet journal habit tracker



I have updated the monthly and weekly spread layouts this time to add a few items I missed last time. In the monthly spread, I expanded the calendar to highlight important dates/appointments and set milestones. I added a “get done during free time” section to my weekly page as I feel there a hundred tiny different things that need to be done but never make it to my to-do list. This way I would know how to use my free time more effectively and avoid that pile of unwanted work at the weekend. I decided to stick with the habit tracker though since it worked out well for me last month (you can check out my Jan 2018 spread here).

So, what do you guys think? In case you have been working on your Bujos, please do share the link in the comment section below. I would love to see how yours turned out and maybe seek some inspiration. 😀


Featured Image





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