May day! May day! Just kidding. It’s only May bullet journal day

Hey there peeps! How are you all doing? I am back here with the May 2018 bullet journal spread this time. This is my favorite spread so far this year. I have gone ahead with a green-blue-yellow theme to create a calming effect during this hot summer season! Hope it gives you some ideas as well. Enjoy!

Monthly Spread 
May 2018 Bullet Journal Planner Green Cool Theme monthly spread

So I wanted to capture a quote of the month (#qotm) to act as a theme for the coming days and I picked this one –

“Wise people learn when they can. Fools learn when they must”

I am a fool at this point and need to turn wise. Or maybe I am already wise since I have realized this already? Hmmmm….haha…well as I take further steps for my career this month, I need to inculcate an attitude of learning even when it’s not needed. So yeah that’s the perfect quote for me right now! I also experimented with washi tapes this month – looks real cute to me. What do you think?

Weekly Spread

May 2018 Bullet Journal Planner Green Cool Theme weekly spread

This is my favorite spread of the month. I love the colorful post-its and the washi tape at the top. I included a quote here as well to keep me motivated through the week. I plan to use the blank post-it on the right to capture new learnings every week. It could be anything from a new recipe to tricks I learn as a designer. Everything counts! This I think would push me to take time out to learn new things and make a habit of taking note/acknowledging when I do.

Social Media Planner

May 2018 Bullet Journal Planner Green Cool Theme social media planner calendar

This one’s a completely new spread. I got this wonderful idea from the bullet journaling queen Annie of Blossoms and Bullet Journals. Do check her blog out if you are looking for interesting Bujo ideas! You would not be disappointed! Now back to my spread, I figured a separate calendar for social media would help keep things clean. I would be capturing new blog/Instagram post ideas on the right and place them on the calendar. This way I can move things around without scratching anything out. What a brilliant idea Annie!

Fitness Tracker & Brainstorm Board

May 2018 Bullet Journal Planner Green Cool Theme fitness tracker

This month I did away with the habit tracker since I don’t really need to track so many things. With my blog/social media getting tracked in the previous page I only really need to track my fitness journey. Here I have created a simple list down view of dates where I am going to note the workout I did and add tiny remarks. At the bottom I could capture healthy snack ideas to get me through the month.

On the right is what I would call a “brainstorm board”. I found myself scribbling ideas for personal projects on random pages in April. I now have a dedicated space in the bullet journal to capture all these light bulb moments. On the page I have my very 1st self designed sticker, a passion project that I completed in April. It really is an amazing feeling, seeing your work printed on products. To many more creative projects, I dedicate this corner of my journal.

And that’s it from my side. How are you guys doing up your May bullet journal? Hit me up with your ideas below.


11 thoughts on “May day! May day! Just kidding. It’s only May bullet journal day

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  1. This is so nice 💛 I love all the cute sticky notes, drawings, lettering….. In short everything 😁 you are amazing Raadhaa 💙💚💛💜


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