Let’s spread love this holiday season with handmade Christmas gift tags

With Christmas around the corner, social media is flooding with Xmas quotes, goodies, ornaments, lights, food..........and most importantly GIFT IDEAS! If you are anything like me and you could have things your way, you would want to create personalized handmade gifts for ALL your loved ones. But sadly life is not so jolly-molly and you... Continue Reading →


5 Inspiring short phrases for modern calligraphy beginners

You know how we tend to have phases when we are obsessed with a particular hobby and cannot stop thinking/talking about it? Well, I am having one of those! So better prepare yourself cause it's all I am going to be talking about till I am hit by a new prettier-shinier bug! But for now... Continue Reading →

Inktober 2017 – Check!

I made it, peeps! After 31 days of non-stop drawing I am at the finish line of Inktober 2017!! And it feels soooooooo good! With the last 10 days, this post here ends my Inktober saga. You will see that I changed things up for these final days. I not only tried to stay true to... Continue Reading →

A love affair with hand lettering

Do you have a sloppy handwriting? Do people judge you for being a fully functional adult with dysfunctional writing abilities? Well worry not, mi amigo! Time has changed and is now pretty much with you! No more writing (and embarrassment) for you, no! It’s time to get them pens out and start DRAWING! Yes, drawing.... Continue Reading →

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